What fabrics are used for sex underwear?

What fabrics are used for sex underwear?

There are various types and types of sexy underwear. Different styles and needs need to be made with different fabrics.This article will take you to understand the fabrics and characteristics commonly used in love underwear.

1. Cotton fabric -comfortable and breathable

Cotton fabric is a very common material in sexy underwear.Because cotton is naturally breathable, soft and comfortable, and easy to clean, it can better keep the underwear clean and hygienic.

2. Lace cloth -sexy charming

Lace cloth is a representative material in sexy underwear, and its sexy and charming appearance has attracted much attention.High -quality lace cloth is soft and smooth and fit, suitable for designing various sexy styles.

3. Beautiful gauze -lightness and softness

The beautiful yarn material is soft and breathable. Due to its unique transparency and gloss touch, it is loved by sexy underwear designers.

4. Silk cloth -smooth and comfortable

Silk cloth is one of the top materials in the field of sexy underwear.Its texture is smooth, comfortable and shiny, good in texture, and excellent quality.

5. Polyester fiber fabric -soft micro bomb

Polyester fiber is a very flexible material, soft and comfortable, suitable for design that requires micro -bullets.

6. Candy -colored printing cloth -overflowing youthful atmosphere

Candy -colored printing fabrics are relatively novel in the field of sexy underwear. Its bright and lively, lively and cute features make it a popular material in sexy underwear brands.

7. Rabbit fabric -warm and soft

The material of the rabbit velvet is soft and delicate. It contains a slightly fine fluff. It will be warmer and comfortable to put on the erotic underwear with rabbits in the cold winter.

8. Metal luster cloth -strange sharp sharpness

The gloss of the metal luster cloth is very strong, which can show the exquisite curve, or the details such as adding rivets to show a unique feeling.

9. denim fabric -ease of ease

Cowboy fabric is a very durable material that can show a rough feeling different from other materials. At the same time, it pays more attention to comfort and is very suitable for daily wear.

10. Animal pattern cloth -wild seductive

Animal pattern fabrics such as leopard and snake patterns are one of the very classic and common materials in the design of sexy underwear, which can show the wildness of wildness.

Finally, it is the most important thing to choose a sexy lingerie cloth that suits you.The wearing experience and comfort that the material that suits you is the most advantageous.

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