What do you buy sex underwear?

What do you buy sex underwear?

To be an expert in sexy underwear, you need to know how to give gifts not only to be familiar with all kinds of underwear.For many people, sending sex underwear seems to be a bit embarrassing and difficult to handle gift choice.However, if you know how to choose the correct size and style, and consider the purpose of the gift and the preferences of the gift, sexy underwear is a practical and interesting gift.Here are some points that should be paid attention to when sending fun underwear.

1. The purpose of the gift

Before choosing a gift to send a sexy underwear, the purpose of the gift needs to be considered.Is it to stimulate interest, increase interest, or to make the courtiers feel sexy and confident?Your answer determines which sexy underwear do you choose.

2. The preferences of the gift

Remember not to forget the preferences and styles of the salute.If the courtiers like sexy charming styles, they should choose such sexy underwear.If the salute likes exquisite details, lace and silk fabrics, you need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for this style.

3. Body type and size

The accurate body shape and size are very important, especially for sexy underwear.The wrong size will make the salute feel depressed and uncomfortable, affecting their emotions.To ensure that you have the right size, you can first understand the height, weight and other data of the courtiers, or let them measure their body size.

4. Suitable occasion

Think about it, in which case is the most suitable gift?Is it for the dull life to add some color, or for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of the wedding, or put on this gift on a honeymoon trip.Choose gifts under different occasions will have different styles and materials.

5. Normal underwear or sexy underwear?

Although some normal underwear looks similar to sexy underwear, the two are still different.If you just want to choose a more sexy underwear, then you can choose normal underwear.But if you want to choose a "sexy underwear", you must choose those more charming, ultra -thin materials, perspective design, removable parts, and so on.

6. Gender

If you are given the other half to your own, it is best to choose a relatively trusted gender brand style.In addition, normal sexy underwear is only suitable for women, but there are also men’s sexy underwear for men to choose from.

7. Suitable color and style

Colors and styles are important factor in sexy underwear.If the salute is generally wearing white, beige or other light -colored underwear, you can try to choose red or black to increase interest.If the salute is preferred by a relatively low -key style, it is best to choose a dark underwear.

8. Maintenance details

Good quality and sexy underwear usually require special maintenance methods.Know the maintenance method of each sexy underwear before giving gifts, and teach the gifts how to maintain these clothes.

9. Customized sexy sheets

Many sellers provide personalized display and customized services, and can choose some creative styles or personalized designs to create a special gift.

10. Additional gifts

If you are not familiar with underwear, or you are not sure if your choice is suitable for the salute, you can add some other additional gifts.For example, perfumes, red wine, chocolate, skin care products, etc., create an atmosphere and environment to appreciate underwear.

In short, sending fun underwear is not just a lingerie, it represents a situation and experience.As long as you choose properly, a perfect sexy underwear can make people feel more confident and sexy.

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