Wearing a sex lingerie is abducted


You put on a sexy sexy underwear. As soon as you walked at the door, you were attacked from behind. You covered your mouth with one hand and pinched your neck with one hand. You suddenly lost consciousness.


When you wake up again, you have been tied to a strange place, leaving only sexy underwear.You feel very frightened and don’t know why you were abducted.There are various possible suspects in your mind, but you can’t get started, you can only wait.

Explain the situation

When the suspect appears, you must calmly ask him why he kidnap you and express your fear.Let him know that you will not give up any opportunity to escape.

Be vigilant

Even if your kidnappers look friendly, you must always be vigilant.Don’t believe his words easily, let alone talk and communicate.Once you have a chance, you have to act immediately.

overcome fear

Under such danger, it is easy to cause fear and despair.However, you need to overcome these negative emotions and focus on how to escape.Only in this way can you increase the possibility of escape.

Escape opportunity

You need to pay attention to the situation around you at all times to find the opportunity to escape.You can try to relax the ropes tied to your wrist, or find a tool that can destroy the rope.

Adjust sexual sheet

In the process of escape, sexy underwear may hinder your actions.Therefore, you need to adjust your sexy underwear to reduce the burden as much as possible, so as to move easier to act.

Ask for help

If you find any opportunity to ask for help, you must act immediately.Make noise as much as possible and shout loudly to attract the attention of the people around.


It is a shocking experience to wear sex underwear, but keep calm, be vigilant, and use every opportunity to escape, which can increase the possibility of escape.If you encounter such a situation, you must face each other bravely and take decisive measures.More importantly, be careful, pay attention to your own safety, and avoid dangerous incidents.

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