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Wanz Hatano Yui and sexy underwear

As a representative of the Japanese AV industry, Wanz Hatano Yui won the popularity of fans with its mature and charming temperament and excellent performance skills.In her many years of acting career, sexy underwear has also become one of her representative costumes.So what are the rules of the choice and matching of Wanz Hatano’s sexy underwear?Let’s find out!

Sexy stockings, make the beautiful legs more attractive

Wanz Hatano Yui is usually paired with sexy stockings to outline her perfect figure with beautiful lines.The soft and smooth touch of stockings and the visual effects that make people irresistible make her beautiful legs more attractive.In the color of choosing stockings, black and flesh are more common choices, which can not only improve the temperament, but also highlight the curve of the body.

Deep V hollow, sexy and elegant coexistence

In addition to stockings, deep V hollow underwear is also one of the representatives of Wanz Hatano Yui.Deep V’s tailoring can not only show her sexy chest shape, but also not appear too exposed, but also show her elegant temperament.The application of hollow design is a killer, which makes people feel sexy and mysterious.

Half cup design, highlighting sexy

The half -cup design is a classic style of sexy underwear, and Wanz Hatano Yui is also its severe preference.The application of the half cup can not only highlight the curve of the chest, but not too exposed.In terms of matching, you can choose the underwear or sexy thongs of the same color, but it should be noted that the color should not be too fancy, so as not to destroy the overall harmony.

Lace lace, innocence and sexy coexist

If you want to look innocent and sexy, then the sexy underwear of lace lace is the first choice.The lace lace underwear purchased by WANZ Hatano is usually mainly color, white, light blue and other colors. It is fresh and natural and has a little charming of little women.In terms of matching, you can choose a pure color or loose shorts with small flowers to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

High waist design, highlighting long legs

High -waist -designed underwear has the effect of lengthening the body proportion, which can be well matched with short tops or short sexy underwear.The choice of Wanz Hatano Yui is mainly based on the underwear with good abdomen effects, making the long legs more prominent.In terms of matching, you can choose underwear of the same color or same texture to create a sense of unity and harmony.

Frequent flowers, colorful

The style and color of sexy lingerie are colorful, and the colorful patterns are also bright.Wanz Hatano Yui once wore such a dreamy and colorful underwear, with pink as the background, embellished with small flowers and stripes of various colors, and the soft colors and beautiful patterns complement each other.

Black and white classic, simple and generous

The black and white sexy underwear is classic and simple and generous, and it is also the style of Wanz Hatano Yui.Black emotional and domineering, white bright and fresh, the use of two colors can make underwear match more layered.

Naughty kitten, cute sexy coexistence

In addition to some classic styles, some cute elements are also one of the choices of Wanz Hatano Yui.For example, this sexy underwear printed with a kitten pattern, pink and tender colors, cute and playful patterns, and sexy lace lace and deep V tailoring perfectly blend together.

Floral, diverse sexy underwear free match

In general, sexy underwear has a variety of styles. Each has its unique design and characteristics, which can be flexibly matched.And Wanz Hatano Yui also selects different sexy underwear to choose from according to different occasions and different moods.


From some classic styles to the coniter of cute elements, WANZ Hatano Jiao shows the rich and diverse characteristics of the rich and diverse.However, in terms of matching, it adheres to the principle of simplicity and generosity, but for everyone, it can flexibly match its own unique style.

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