Unmanned erotic underwear shop


Every woman needs something special, these things are more for self -advertising and relaxation.This is why the sexy underwear store is becoming more and more popular.Although some people may think this is a stereotype, it turns out that they do have their own target audience.However, if you don’t want to go to the store with the risk of blushing, there is already a more private way of buying -unmanned erotic underwear shop.

What is unmanned erotic underwear shop

I believe many people don’t know what is unmanned sexy underwear shop.In short, these shops have no clerks.On the contrary, you will see a system that can be selected, tried and checkout.This makes shopping more hidden and freely browse the goods without facing anyone.


There are many advantages in this way of shopping.First, it can bring privacy and independence to women.Many women may not be willing to show their bodies in front of strangers, and unattended underwear shops can provide a safe shopping environment.Secondly, everyone can rest assured that they don’t have to worry about the harassment or judgment of the clerk.Finally, this way of shopping also relaxes the time limit for shopping because there is no working time limit.

how to buy

In this sexy lingerie store, you don’t need any special procedures.You only need to choose according to the instructions on the screen and choose according to the size or style you need.You can also try it on to ensure that the products you buy are perfectly suitable for the size and style you need.After entering the test room, select your favorite clothes, and use the control panel to select online test clothes.A chance to shoot your body, on the screen, you can see the appearance effect of you wearing different styles of sexy underwear.If you like some items, you can add them to your shopping cart.Finally, you can pay by credit card or Alipay payment.


The price range of these unmanned underwear shops is wide because they cover different brands, styles, design and materials.The price of some products may be slightly higher than the general underwear price, but you can definitely find a product that suits your budget.

Who is the main customer group

Although the main target customers are women, this store has also attracted many heterosexuals and LGBTQ people.Why is the audience of this store so wide?Because unmanned lingerie stores provide a separate place, making people feel free and comfortable to buy underwear, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation.


From a technical point of view, this sexy underwear shop is very safe.Your privacy is guaranteed because this store will not leave any records or personal identity information.You can protect your financial data by using Alipay or credit cards, which is an important issue for many women.

Is it worth trying

If you have never tried sexy underwear, or you are just afraid of shopping in traditional erotic lingerie shops, then this new type of shopping may be more suitable for you.Not only is the privacy higher, but you can freely choose the required sexy underwear without external interference.


As more people try this way of buying, unmanned underwear stores will become more and more popular.In the future, this kind of shopping experience will become more intelligent and closer to consumer needs and lifestyle.

in conclusion

Unmanned underwear stores are bringing a new shopping experience.As consumers are becoming more and more interested in this retail form, the future of this shopping experience will definitely be more intelligent and personalized.Therefore, it is worth mentioning that uninhabited underwear stores will become the most innovative part of the retail industry.

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