Sexy underwear express pack photos

Sexy underwear express pack photos

Preparation of Package Preparation

Before disassembling sexy underwear, we need to prepare a list to list the models, styles and quantities of all products in the courier to ensure that we can correspond one by one when disassembling the package.At the same time, a good scissors are needed to cut tape and paper when disassembling the packaging.

The first sexy underwear: bikini swimsuit

The first batch of sexy underwear from express delivery is a beautiful bikini swimsuit.Around the entire box, we found the beautiful print pattern and the listing of gloss, which was impressed.

The second sexy underwear: rabbit girl set

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Next is a cute and seductive rabbit girl suit.The set contains a transparent multi -layer ruffled skirt and a jacket on the side.After trial, we found that the texture is very comfortable and makes people look forward to more.

Third sexy underwear: net yarn lace jacket

This is a very enchanting mesh lace lace jacket.Its rich perspective effect and sexy beauty attract our attention.When trying a colorful posture, the wearer feels very easy and comfortable.

The fourth piece of sexy underwear: transparent underwear

Compared to other erotic underwear, transparent underwear is relatively simple.But its comfort and tight band design can still make people feel satisfied and happy.

Fifth sexy underwear: leather corset clothes

This is a high -end sexy underwear, a corset made of leather.Not only is it different in appearance, but its unique odor and strong feel have deeply grasped our lungs.

Sixth sexy underwear: milk sticker

This is a rubber material that highlights the female body curve.She can wear different occasions, such as parties or weddings.We fell in love with her deeply because of her sexy, natural and practical.


Seventh piece of sexy underwear: double -layer safety underwear

To satisfy the social environment, we found this double -layer security underwear.It can not only provide security, but also make people feel the effect of cooling.This is a very practical erotic underwear.

Eighth sexy underwear: button top

This buttons with a lower abdomen are our favorite underwear.The color is rich and bright, and the unique design makes people unforgettable.The wearer feels happy and lost in the party.

Ninth sexy underwear: close -fitting connective dressing

This is a long -sleeved one -fitting connective dress, depicting a romance and femininity by flowers and multi -layer mesh cloth.Wearing this sexy underwear when the weather turns cold, it feels very warm and perfect.

Ten pieces of sexy underwear: leather restraint set

This is the last erotic underwear we buy -leather restraint set.Its complex design and unique materials are crazy, allowing us to fully experience the power of sexy and training.


In this courier dismantling activity, we found that the sexy underwear is very attractive. After trying it on, we have a deeper understanding of the quality of sexy underwear.Their design cleverness and sophisticated materials make us full of surprises and imagination.We believe that sexy underwear will continue to affect our sexy life.