Sexual underwear is a trademark registration several categories

Sexual underwear is a trademark registration several categories

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear refers to women’s underwear used to enhance sex and sex experience, which usually includes sexy, naked, transparent, handcuffs and other elements.It is different from traditional underwear. Literally, the attention of sexy underwear is more emphasis on physical aesthetics and sexy charm.

Sexual underwear trademark registration category

Sexy underwear can be registered as a trademark. It belongs to the sub -category under the 25th clothing and decoration category.This means that it is different from the registration of traditional underwear or swimsuit trademarks.You need to pay special attention to classification when registering trademarks.

Significance of trademark registration

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The trademark registration of erotic underwear means that its intellectual property rights are effectively protected and can effectively avoid malicious infringement of other manufacturers.At the same time, trademark registration also helps brand construction and provides more sufficient legal guarantee for production and operation.

Conditions for trademark applications

First, the trademark must be a visual mark that complies with the law.Secondly, trademarks need to have certain originality and specificity.Finally, the trademark cannot be confused with other registered trademarks.

Process of trademark registration

The process of trademark registration includes five steps: trademark search, trademark application, preliminary review, announcement, and approval.Among them, the trademark search phase is used to verify whether the trademark has been registered by others. The trademark application stage is the process of submitting trademark information and application materials. The preliminary examination stage is to review them in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to determine whether the trademark meets the requirements.

Trademark renewal

Trademark renewal refers to a renewal procedure that needs to be performed when the validity period of the trademark is about to expire.During the trademark renewal, trademark holders need to fill in the relevant application and pay the corresponding expenses for application.The validity period of the trademark can be effectively extended through the trademark renewal.

Trademark transfer

Trademark transfer means that trademark holders transfer the trademark rights to others.The premise of trademark transfer is that the trademark right has been effectively protected and fully complied with the law.In the process of trademark transfer, the trademark transfer needs to sign an agreement and submit an application to the relevant trademark management agencies.


Risk of trademark infringement

Under authorized use of other people’s trademarks will face the risk of trademark infringement.In the case of trademark infringement, trademark holders can require trademark infringement to stop using the trademark through legal channels and announce the withdrawal of products sold in the market within a certain range.

Application cases of sexy underwear trademarks

In the sexy underwear industry, some well -known brands have successfully registered trademark registration and built a relatively complete intellectual property protection system, such as Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret, as well as domestic brands such as Riinena.


For the sexy underwear industry, trademark registration and intellectual property protection are very important. This is also a key point for maintaining brand competitiveness and increasing consumer confidence.Therefore, in the interesting underwear industry, it should be paid to the protection of trademark registration and intellectual property protection, laying a more solid foundation for the long -term development of the brand.