Sexual Emotional Lingerie slightly fat

Sexual Emotional Lingerie slightly fat

When it comes to sexual and emotional interesting underwear, many people think that slender models are worn on the T -shaped platform, but in fact, sexual erotic underwear is suitable for women of various body shapes, including slightly fat women.This article will introduce how to choose and match sexual emotional interesting underwear to show the charming charm of slightly fat women.

Choose a style that suits you

For fat women, it is important to choose a style and color that suits them.The first is the style. You can choose a higher waist underwear or the belt -shaped underwear that often appears on the body. This can not only enrich the sense of layering, but also cover the waist fat.In addition, you can choose a thick or thicker underwear cup to help shape a more perfect figure.

Color is also a very important factor.To choose the color that suits your skin tone and body shape, in general, dark colors will be more suitable for slightly fat women than gorgeous colors, not only thinner, but also especially black. It has a deep and mysterious feeling.

Choose a style suitable for the occasion

Choosing underwear styles suitable for the occasion is also a problem that slightly fat women need to pay attention to.In daily life, you can choose more comfortable and loose styles to make your body more relaxed.But if it is a special occasion (such as a romantic night), you can choose the appropriate sexy style to highlight the charm.


Paired with a coat is also a problem that slightly fat women need to pay attention to.A tight top or velvet underwear can appropriately increase the smoothness of the body.In addition, it can be paired with opaque or textured jackets or coats to achieve the effect of hiding meat and aesthetics.

Choose a fabric that suits you

When selecting sexual emotional and fun underwear, pay special attention to the choice of fabrics. The fabric must not only breathe and comfortable, but also have high texture to show women’s sexy and elegance.

The size of the underwear should be appropriate

Sexual feelings of sexy underwear size are very important. Excessive or too large size will affect the effect.It is recommended to tailor your clothes and choose your own suitable size to make your body more charming.

Choose the right sticker or chest sticker

For women who dare not wear low -cut and backless clothing, stickers or chest stickers are a good way to solve problems.These small tools are comfortable and can make themselves more confident.

Don’t give up exercise

Micro -fat women can also improve their shape through exercise and make themselves more confident.When selecting sexual emotional interest underwear, in addition to the consideration of the occasion and figure, you should also pay attention to whether it is suitable for exercise to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

in conclusion

Sexual feelings are not just for women like models, and slightly fat women can also wear sexy.Choose the style, color, occasion, fabric and size, with a suitable coat, choosing the right sticker and chest stickers, and improving the shape through exercise, are a good way to wear a sexy method.

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