Sex underwear reconstruction novel collection

Sex underwear reconstruction novel collection

Sex underwear reconstruction novel collection

As a high -sexy clothing with a higher sexy, sexy underwear often appears in modern novels and has become one of the band plots in the novel. Many times, as an important clue or catalyst of the plot, add some changes and freshness to the novel.This article will recommend a few sexy underwear renovation novels, introduce their plots, and analyze the types of sexy underwear and exquisite design and production mentioned in it.

1. "The Harvest Season of Qing Shi Love"


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This novel is based on youth love as the main plot and sets several main characters. Among them, the heroine Lin Weiwei accidentally discovered her grandfather’s past. Through the unconventional methods of tailoring and sewing of sexy underwear introduced by Grandpa, it was Wei WeiThe store brings more customers and reputation, and successfully rewrite the fate of the store.

2. "Sand Sea of Tomb Raiders" H2

The TV series "The Sand Sea of Tomb Robbery" is adapted from the novels sung by the world, and the storyline is ups and downs.Among them, the heroine A involves it. Her sexy underwear design and tailoring skills add a lot to the storyline. After all, in the adventure story of danger, the hormones revealed by sexy camislars and erotic hooks are even more excited.

3. "Layout" H2

"Layout" is a smart fighting novel based on mixing emotions on the basis of light comedy. It tells the workplace difficulties and interpersonal problems that several professional designers faced in the process of success.When the duel came to a climax, the transformation and embellishment on the sexy underwear also added a good story to the novel.

4. "You from the Stars" h2

As a once popular Korean drama, "You from the Stars" has attracted a lot of attention. The protagonist Miao Ting is a clothing designer. She not only has her own unique insights in the shape, but also is good at using the material of sexy underwear materialsThinking and creativity, through the principles of innovation, constantly broke the situation and broke through his own dilemma.

5. "Big Brand Survey" H2

"Big Brand Survey" is a model in domestic films. With the cold big name as the main character, it has reached a contract through a large number of social activities and the professionalism of the heroine to achieve some goals.And this set of movies is even more in the field of sexy underwear. He has made a lot of portrayal and pavement, and impresses the audience by twisting and moving jokes.

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6. "Mother’s Crazy" h2

Although sexy underwear is a very sexy clothing, it will have anti -effects in some popular vision.This phenomenon is also reflected in "Mother’s Crazy". The heroine Wu Jinhua is wearing strange sexy underwear because of her work needs.

7. "Mrs. Mojie Village" H2

During the Three Kingdoms period, a lot of stories have been turned on, but they did not lose their family style. For example, Balder in "Madam Village Madam", her character is generous and grounded, and she will bring her emotional art at any time.Her erotic underwear design is closely linked to each other, adding a lot to the novel.

8. "One -Crossing Generation Witch" h2

Interesting underwear design, market promotion and production research and development are not before, but after passing through the witch era, it came into being and became an important background of the characters.In "One of the Witches of Crossing", the tools of fun underwear as the protagonist to make wealth are constantly appearing, and the exquisiteness of the design is even more good.

9. "One Wu and One Pick up" H2

In "One Wu and One Pickling", there are some stories related to defective products in greenhouse auctions. On the auction, a good sexy underwear may become the big head or the object of competing at the auction, and the auction is to survive for survival.And the fight for death, whether it is auctioner or consumers, is a kind of pressure and challenge.

10. "Beauty" h2

"Beauty" is a palace romance drama popular in domestic TVs, telling the fate and love of some beauties in that era.Among them, the peak circuit of sexy underwear has also ushered in a new beginning. Although there are some unusual plots, the combination of fashion and tradition increases the value of entertainment and reading of novels.

in conclusion

A successful novel must not only have exquisite plot settings, but also need some vivid pictures to depict, and sexy underwear, a topic that has been shameless, has also occupied a place in the popular cultural community, and at the same time and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more, they are getting more and more and more and more.More people are paying attention to this field, which shows that it is indeed a valuable art form, and it is a conveying beauty and respect.