Selling fun jackets with WeChat

Selling fun jackets with WeChat


With the development of social networks, micro -business has become a popular trend.Some people may feel that selling interesting underwear on WeChat is inappropriate, but in fact, WeChat has become a convenient and fast sales channel.In this article, we will explore how to use WeChat to sell sex underwear.

Why is it suitable for WeChat to sell sexy underwear?

WeChat allows you to build a closer relationship with customers.On WeChat, you can communicate with customers, answer their questions, and send pictures and videos.This allows customers to buy more calmly and better understand the needs of customers.

How to build a WeChat store?

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It is very simple to build a store in WeChat.You only need to create a new public account on WeChat, and then add products to your store.You can use some free WeChat modules to help you manage and sell products.

How to increase WeChat followers?

The follower is your lifeline, without them without selling.To increase the followers, you need to be attractive.You can post pictures, short videos or articles on WeChat to attract fans.In addition, you can invite your friends to help you promote it.

How to handle orders and payment?

It is also convenient to process orders and payment on WeChat.You can collect the payment through the WeChat receipt and payment functions, and at the same time send the order information to the customer.You can use WeChat background to set up information about courier and logistics companies, so that customers can check the delivery status of their orders on WeChat.

How to protect customer privacy?

Protecting customers’ privacy is very important, especially in the case of selling sexy underwear.You can ask customers to ask you privately and not discuss on WeChat.You can also use the password to protect the content so that the customer can only access it after entering the password.

How to provide high -quality customer service?

It is very important to provide high -quality customer services.You need to reply to customers as fast as possible and ensure the quality and freshness of the product.You can also provide customers with after -sales service to help them deal with problems, such as commodity replacement and warranty services.

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How to promote your WeChat store?

WeChat store promotion can be performed in various ways.You can promote your WeChat store on other websites or social media platforms, or you can publish content on your WeChat circle of friends, and invite your friends and customers to share your WeChat store information.

How to get duplicate customers?

It is also very important to get duplicate customers and retain them.To achieve this, you need to provide them with high -quality services, and the quality and freshness of the product must be guaranteed.You can also provide them with discounts and let them feel your feedback and care.

Final description

WeChat is a convenient and fast -selling channel for sexy underwear.Through accurate marketing strategies, you can easily find your target customer base.If you have not started selling sexy underwear, why not consider using WeChat to start your WeChat journey?