firma rehberi
Ücretsiz Firma Rehberi ve Tanıtım Sayfaları
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0216 3408744
Ses, Işık, Görüntü Sistemleri ve Fotoğraf, Video Hizmetleri
il/ilçe: İSTANBUL / Kadıköy
0216 550 6869
Our mission is to be the regional leader - customer's first choice in Turkey providing MICE services to its international and domestic clients while envisioning the global success in years to come The acronym MICE is applied inconsistently with the “E” sometimes referring Exhibitions and the “C” sometimes referring to Conferences. MICE is used to refer a business tourism in which large groups planned usually well in advance, are brought together for some particular purpose.
il/ilçe: İSTANBUL / Kadıköy
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