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Raff Army & Promotion Textile
Raff Army & Promotion Textile
Askeri Malzeme, Asker Elbiseleri, Askeri Kıyafetler Üretim Merkezi
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RAFF Army Textile has been exporting uniforms and equipments for military and security forces to all over the world since 1977.

RAFF Army Textile specialized and performant in the manufacturing of ‘All Nations Camouflage and ceremony Uniforms’. These camouflage uniforms are made with customized design from the RAFF Army Textile designers, using the best fabric quality in Ripstop/Gabardin types. Mixtures of Cotton/Polyester or 100% Cotton can be made. These Camouflage uniforms are antibacterial and are equipped with Nano Technology.

We have high production capacity and we are able to provide more than 250 different military textile and equipment products like leather military boots, caps, vests, helmets, underwears, belts, gloves, tents and etc.
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il/ilçe: İSTANBUL / Güngören
AdresFatih Cad. Ihlamur Sok. No:2 Kat:1
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FAX:0212 502 12 22
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